how I met my guitar!

Shubham Bansal (Inventor & Instructor)

Hey Guys, I am your Bro on this guitar learning journey.

Because my mother’s friend’s daughter won the music competition, she decided that I also do something worthwhile in life. By the way, I was 11. So we visited a music school where, for the first time, I saw a guitar. Beautiful red guitar. Beautifully hanging on the yellow wall. Beautiful, that I fell in love. The teacher said that I was too young for guitar but I insisted and picked up the guitar for life. 🙂 

I did my engineering from IIT Bombay and during college days, I performed in events across India and played alongside top musicians including Kailash Kher, Mohit Chauhan. I conducted guitar classes for a 12-year old girl to a 53-year-old lady. However, 80% of the aspirants dropped out due to the complexities of learning guitar. Determined to not let people give up on their dream, I integrated my engineering skills with my passion for music to create Guitar Bro.

So what are you waiting for?

Happiness is when your niece loves guitar!

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